Many people think that hanging pictures on wallpaper is a bad idea, but how wrong they are. The truth is you can create a stunning focal point for any room by combining wallpaper and framed art. However, you need to follow some simple rules to make sure your wall looks amazing and not messy.

Here are some tips to help you hang pictures on wallpaper successfully:

- Choose a wall that you want to highlight. It can be the main wall of a room, an entryway, or a hallway. Think about the size and shape of the wall and how it relates to the rest of the space.
- Pick a wallpaper pattern that suits the wall size. Generally, large walls can handle large patterns, such as geometric shapes or floral motifs, while small walls look better with small patterns, such as dots, stripes, or abstract designs.
- Select frames that contrast with the wallpaper color. You want your pictures to stand out from the background, not blend in. For example, if your wallpaper is dark, choose light-colored frames, and vice versa.
- Balance the visual impact of the wallpaper and the pictures. If your wallpaper is very dramatic or busy, use pictures that are calm and simple, such as still lifes or landscapes. If your wallpaper is subtle or plain, use pictures that are bold and interesting, such as portraits or abstracts.
- Use mats to create a buffer between the wallpaper and the pictures. Mats add a layer of color and texture that separates the picture from the frame and the wallpaper. They also make your pictures look more professional and polished.
- Follow these tips and you will be able to hang pictures on wallpaper without a hitch. This is a great way to add some personality and style to your walls. It will look like you hired a top-notch designer to do it for you. If you want more decorating tips and help, subscribe to Orange Poppy Home Decor's Blog and request one of our signature e-design boards customized for your needs and preferences.

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