One of the easiest ways to evaluate your interior design is by taking photos of your living space. Your camera will reveal the truth about your aesthetic choices and show you any flaws or distractions that you might have overlooked.

The following photos are from the home of one of our team members. She moved into her new home two years ago and furnished it mostly with secondhand items that she painted herself. She decorated her space gradually with her limited budget, but always aimed to create a beautiful home for her family to enjoy. She wanted her home to feel clean and inviting, with a positive vibe that welcomed her family every day. Her style is simple but elegant. She took these photos because she was proud of her efforts and wanted to see how her home looked on camera.

After examining the photos, she made some minor adjustments and improvements over time, but overall, she was satisfied.

If you try this photo-taking exercise and are not happy with the results, make a list of the 10 things you would like to change or enhance about your space and start with the first one. Work on the list as your budget permits. We suggest browsing our website for some inspiration. We have many lovely ideas on our homepage or design board gallery that you might like.

Another source of inspiration is Pinterest and design magazines. Once you find something that sparks your interest, take action. Get some chalk paint, watch some YouTube videos, or check out some decorating blogs like Orange Poppy Home Decor's Blog to help you along the way. When you are pleased with your progress, take a picture and compare it to the "before" photo. It's a great way to see your improvement and achieve your design goals for your home.

Here are some tips to help you capture the best features of your home with your camera.

- Experiment with different lighting. The natural light in your home can change throughout the day, creating different moods and effects. Try taking pictures in the morning, afternoon, and evening to see which one showcases your home the best. You can also use artificial lighting, such as lamps, candles, or fairy lights, to create a cozy or festive atmosphere.
- Try different angles and perspectives. Don't just take pictures from eye level or from the corners of the room. You can try taking pictures from above, below, or diagonally to create more interest and variety. You can also zoom in on some details, such as a vase of flowers, a painting, or a pillow, to highlight them.
- Use odd numbers for balance and harmony. When it comes to interior design, odd numbers are often more pleasing to the eye than even numbers. This is because they create a sense of asymmetry and movement, which makes the space more dynamic and inviting. For example, if you have a fireplace mantle with two candlesticks on it, you can add a third one of a different size or color to make it more interesting. Or if you have a wall with six pictures on it, you can add a seventh one that stands out or contrasts with the others.


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