Dream Seeds Challenge Expansion Pack -Happily Ever After -Faith and Love Spark Magic


Introducing the Dream Seeds Challenge Expansion Kit

Add to your collection of seeds with This Dream Seeds Expansion Kit which includes 3 peatmoss pellets, 3 bamboo plant markers, 100 Mustard Tendergreens Seeds, 100 Forget-Me-Not Seeds, 10 Fairytale Pumpkin Seeds for only 19.99.  Buy this extension pack today and receive a free pack of 100 Orange California Poppy Seeds for your garden while supplies last. 

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How It works:

Align your personal growth with the growth of your seeds. 

1.  Plant a pack of seeds at the same time you begin working on your dream, whatever it is. 

2. Nurture your seeds (and self) while working toward your goal.

3. Every day you observe the slow (but constant) growth of your seeds, record your growth and thoughts in your journal.

4. Don’t worry if your plant dies—just start again with another packet from your kit! Don’t give up. Keep your dreams alive and remember God’s timing in all things.

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