Feather Patters Vol. 5 | Unique Hanging Wall Art by Jessica Rose

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A note from the artist:

Unique wall art never looked so interesting. The many feathers depicted in the FEATHER PATTERNS STUDY showcase Plumology as unique wall art. From the rachis to the barbules, the feather has been hypothesized about for centuries. In this particular piece, by Vol25, the various feather types (wing, down, tail, contour, semiplume, filoplume, and bristle) are sketched in steady-handed detail. Available in mini, large, and colossal; this high-brow chart will inspire and awe on any wall deemed fit to hang. Display your exceptional style with something different and wonderful.

Artwork by Jessica Rose


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Dimensions of available sizes include wood trim pieces:

MINI | 10.5 W x 18.5 H"

LARGE | 18.5 W x 30.5 H"

COLOSSAL 18.5 W x 37.5 H"

  • See the graphic below for a visual size reference. Please understand that the wall hangings are handcrafted, so the sizes are approximate, and will vary ever so slightly from one another.

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