Metallic sunglasses



Why We Know You'll Love It!

These stylish sunglasses feature mirrored lenses in a variety of colors, from classic gray and brown to vibrant blue and pink. Whether you want to match your outfit or your mood, you can choose the lens color that suits you best. The lenses are made of AC material, which is lightweight and durable. They also have a UV400 rating, which means they can block 99% of harmful UV rays. The frames are made of metal, which is sturdy and stylish. They have a sleek design that complements any face shape. The dimensions of the sunglasses are: lens width: 2.6 inches, lens height: 1.9 inches, frame width: 5 inches, frame depth: 5 inches, lens distance: 0.6 inches. These measurements are rounded to the nearest whole number and converted from metric to U.S. units. Our metallic sunglasses are perfect for any occasion, whether you're going to the beach, the park, or the mall. They will add some sparkle and flair to your look, while protecting your eyes from the sun. Order yours today and get ready to shine!

Glasses structure : metal frame
Whether polarized: No
Lens material: AC
Style: mirrored lens
Frame material: metal
Anti-UV rating: UV400






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