Sunflower. INS Scandinavian Girl Heart Mirror Handmade Tapestry Cosmetic Mirror Ring Home Decoration


It looks like a sunflower, which adds fun without losing personality. The appearance adopts weaving technology, exuding a retro atmosphere. At the same time, the texture is fresh and beautiful, the surface is smooth and not rough, it gives you a good feel, and it is not easy to wear on the skin. With round mirror, simple atmosphere, high reflectivity, giving you a better experience

Scenes to be used:
1. Can be placed in the living room, clearly illuminate the large space environment, and can also play a decorative role
2. Put it in the bathroom and the bedroom as a daily makeup mirror, which is more practical

Product information:

Product: Handmade tapestry
Material: 100% natural cotton rope
Size: Mirrorless: outer diameter 28cm, inner diameter 20cm.
Han mirror: outer diameter 35cm, inner diameter 20cm.
Color: the color as shown in the picture (there may be color difference in manual dyeing)

Installation method:
1. Sponge glue
The way to stick the back of the mirror is:
First paste the double-sided tape on the edge of the mirror and remove the protective film of the double-sided tape; stick the mirror directly on the wall
2. Wall
The first step: nail the nails in the correct position on the wall, warm reminder: (we must send the wall hanging, please bring your own nails)
Step 2: Use a sponge to glue the wall iron to the rear edge of the mirror, and then apply four pieces of sponge glue to the bottom of the mirror to make a balance weight. Post directly after posting

Packing list:

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